Bitter moment teach me :]
Sunday, 3 June 2012 | 6/03/2012 12:39:00 am | 2 comments

Hay, Assalamualaikumm :D
Ohh, I hate the moment when the boy hurt me so muchh. When I'm fall down , i have to try hard to get up again and again. I remember about my first love. Its take a time to forget you. But finally, I can. I can change the word 'I  L O V E  Y O U' to the words 'I  H A T E  Y O U'. I hate to remember about moment that had happened long time ago but that moment so useful to me. Its teach me to ignored about relationship in school year. Yeayy, even my heart like somebody, I will ignored about my feelings cause i know i can forget about it. I will bring my heart from falling like a long time ago. And I know i can. Looks, when i fall in love, i will ignored about my school, homework and what people feel. I dont want this happen to me again. I want to always concerned about my studies, my real life and the important things is , i want to always remember my god, Allah. I want to be a girl that always remember Allah and the girl that success in the world and the next world. I want to be the girl that always take care about her parent someday. Hahha :D i write about my dream and look, i will do what i say. I will ignored about relation in school year and i will be the girl that success in life. Insya-Allah :] . 

Sincerely, Rozana.